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Let’s talk about Evolution – by ISE. The Insinkerator Evolution series food waste disposals are the best of the best. This "Master Plumber's Guide" will  help with your decision making process by looking more in-depth at each model and what sets them apart.

This elite series is geared for those who spend lots of time in the kitchen, demand performance and appreciate quality when they see it.

The ISE brand by Emerson is by far the largest manufacturer of garbage disposals on planet earth. Any plumbing or custom-home building contractor worth their salt will quickly testify to that. They are built to the highest standards, use the best design and materials, and are built to last for many years. They also have the most comprehensive warranty which we’ll touch on in a moment...

But who am I to say?

As a Master Plumbing contractor I sold and installed the Insinkerator brand garbage disposals exclusively. And since there really is no competition to speak of, the only real decision you have to make is which ISE model will best fit your particular needs and budget (and I'll make that easy for you)!

So, which model will work best for you?

I'd like to suggest right up front that if you are on a budget, or are a "lighter" waste disposer user, you may wish to back up to the Badger 5 page, as this is their economy series. No matter how much you can "afford" to lay down, there's no point in buying the best if it's just going to sit there - and the Badger series is perfectly fine for their intended use.

However, if you have stronger demands and a healthy budget, then you are on the right page for assistance in choosing the best Insinkerator Evolution for your personal situation.

Common elements between the 5 Evolution models

Grind more; hear less. For over 75 years ISE has been making food waste disposals which have been known for their durability and quiet operation. Here are some common features for all 5 appliances in this series:

  • SoundSeal® technology – This provides for extra insulation and sound-deadening properties. Anti-vibration mounting gasket baffles result in 30-60% quieter operation than standard disposals - and quiet is good if you like to carry on a conversation while working in the kitchen or listen to your favorite programs.
  • MultiGrind® technology – Now you can grind away practically anything with certain models having 3 grind stages and others 2 (other standard models only have 1)! This means you don’t have to put your disposal on a diet – it will eat just about anything you can feed it, effectively liquefying the food waste. This amounts to less chance of drain stoppages and faster biodegradability if on a septic system. This is like trying to compare a food-grater to a food-processor!
  • “We come to you” in-home warranties on all models, ranging from 4 to 7 years in this series. Unheard of anywhere else.
  • Large, stainless steel grinding chambers and components for heavy duty, long-lasting operation. Stainless steel is important for anything that's constantly wet in order to resist rusting and corroding.
  • Patented Dura-Drive® Induction Motors for the ultimate performance. Remember "Tim the tool-Man"? More power!
  • Exclusive Quick Lock® Sink Mounting system for ease of installation and a secure mount. Disposals have a tendency to want to twist and vibrate - and cheap ones can leak after a while as a result.
  • And of course all ISEs are made right here in the USA. Help yourself to the best while helping our economy.

Now let’s break them down to distinguish the differences (spec sheets will also be available).

Insinkerator Evolution Models:

Excel (3rd in picture lineup above - $315-600.00)
Expanding on the last section, this best-of-the-best model features 3 grind stages (care for some “bone soup”), 60% quieter operation than standard models, Jam-Sensor® Circuit, huge 40 oz stainless steel (SS) grinding chamber, powerful 1 HP motor and a 7 year in-home warranty. If you have a large family and/or do lots of entertaining of dinner guests, then this is the powerhouse you need to keep up with demand.

Essential (5th in picture lineup above - $200-400.00)
2 grind stages, 40 oz SS grinding chamber, at least 40% quieter operation than standard models, strong 3/4 HP motor and a 6 year in-home warranty. This model will keep up with demand and give you years of carefree service.

Compact (1st in picture lineup above - $175-260.00)
2 grind stages, 34.6 oz SS grinding chamber, at least 30% quieter operation, 3/4  HP motor and a 4 year warranty (and more compact dimensions). This is great for those who use their disposal a lot but perhaps have a smaller family and don't do a lot of "batch-feeding". 

Cover Control® (2nd in picture lineup above - $220-450.00)
2 grind stages, 60% quieter, 40 oz SS grinding chamber, 3/4  HP motor, 7 year warranty and the extra assurance of covered operation. Cover Control® means that the disposal will only operate with the cover properly in place for extra safety and less opportunity for your Evolution to eat your favorite silverware… This might be something to consider if you have smaller kids in the home and would like a little extra precaution.

Septic Assist® (Pictured) - $215-410.00)
Last but not least is the perfect disposal for those who want 
superior performance and happen to be on a septic tank and 
drain-field system. This model has 2 grind stages, runs 40% 
quieter, has a large 40 oz SS grinding chamber, 3/4 HP 
motor and a 4 year warranty...

And what’s the septic system advantage?

It actually incorporates an injection system featuring Bio-
Charge® solution. If you know anything about septic systems, 
you realize that you must watch what goes down the drain so 
you don’t plug it up with indigestible waste, i.e., you must keep
 those hungry bacteria healthy so they can keep up with what you 
“feed” your system. The Bio-Charge injector actually injects a small 
amount of solution featuring microorganisms that break down food waste. This is injected every time the disposal is activated to help keep your septic system functioning properly. Each bottle lasts up to 4 months and is also citrus scented to help control odors.

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It's a fact that if you are on a septic tank, you need to have a high-end disposal that liquefies food waste to aid in its decomposition, and this "Bio-Charge" addition is simply the icing on the cake.

To research further you may pick up a spec sheet for each model courtesy of ISE (including lots of other helpful data) by visiting my download page below:

To summarize

Once you’re ready to shop, compare and get the best deal, the best place to look is right here on the 'Net. Take advantage of some of the resources found above my articles on most pages. Hopefully this guide has helped you to make the best buying decision for your needs and budget.And whether buying a new unit or trying to get the most out of your old one, you won't want to miss my Disposal Tips & Tricks page.

You simply can’t go wrong with an Insinkerator Evolution no matter which model you choose, and I speak from experience.

Take care, happy grinding and may God bless,

GT Phillips

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