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The Insinkerator (ISE) brand by Emerson is the largest manufacturer of garbage disposals in the world and always has been. Ask any plumbing contractor which brand they use because ISE has been their choice for decades. Because of their high quality standards, design and materials, they last for many years (indeed, ISE parts are rarely needed). Cap this off with their “We come to you” in-home warranty and your decision becomes a no-brainer. I know of no other competitor that offers this.
How would I know?

The only real choice you have is which model disposal to purchase. This is where I come in. As a former Master Plumbing contractor for over 20 years in the state of Florida, I’ve installed hundreds of Insinkerator garbage disposals – exclusively! It really came down to just what my customers could afford and which model would best suit their lifestyle and kitchen habits.

So which model is best for you?

There are two ISE model series today: the Badger and the Evolution. The badger series are designed more for spec home builders, those who are on a budget and those who simply don’t use a waste disposal that often. You definitely need to consider your demand and how much food goes down the sink in order to choose the correct model to properly handle it. There's no point in investing in more performance than you need. By the same token, getting an underpowered model for your needs could cause pretty serious plumbing problems in the future.

There are 3 models in the Badger series which we’ll cover in a minute, and 5 in the enhanced Evolution series which are covered on the next page.

How do they compare and which do you recommend?

Badger 1

The Badger 1 is the least expensive ISE model, typically costing between $60-160.00 and is their base, economy model. You see these quite often in builder’s spec homes and they are also snapped up by those who are on a tight budget. It has a 1/3 HP motor and 1 year warranty. (3rd in picture lineup above.)

If you have light demands or prefer dining out to cooking, this unit should give you years of good service.

Badger 5

The Insinkerator Badger 5 is the most popular economy model that I sold by far. It’s a great little unit for the budget-conscious couples who do not have a house full of children and do not entertain dinner guests very often. Its price range is between $75-190.00, it has a ½ HP motor and a 2 year manufacturers’ warranty. I used to sell this model like hot cakes! (2nd in picture lineup above.)

I personally owned this model (it came in a house I bought) and it lasted our family of four with moderate use for a good 10 years. I currently have the XP model below, it's been another 10 years now, and it's still going strong. (We've since become empty nesters so it may outlast us!)

Badger 5XP

Third is the Badger 5XP (at least they didn’t say “turbo-charged”). 
This ISE model runs between $100-240.00 depending on where 
you shop and sports a ¾ HP motor and 3-year warranty. This is 
a great little machine for the budget-conscious, larger families 
or those who do considerable entertaining (pictured below).

Common with all Badgers

      All disposals in this series are made out of galvanized steel, 
whereas the Evolution series use more stainless steel. This is 
a consideration if you live in an area with highly corrosive water. 
The Badger models all have single grinding chambers.

      They all have the patented, top-notch Dura-Drive® Induction Motors for excellent performance. These motors are a lot stronger and quieter than comparable brand models.

      All ISE products are made right here in the USA and all warranties come with the exclusive “We come to you” in-home service (and that’s awesome)! No other manufacturer stands behind their product like this. And what gets me is that ISE even does this for their competitive line!

      Finally, all Insinkerator garbage disposals come with the exclusive Quick Lock® Sink Mounting system for ease of installation. These connections are tight and secure and will not vibrate loose.

Based on my experience, if the Badger series is more your style, why not shoot for the one in the middle? The Insinkerator Badger 5 is a top seller and number 1 in my book.

For a complete owner's installation manual for the Badger 5 (and a lot more data), you may visit my download page via the button below.

But first:
Now that you have a good overview along with the price ranges, you should be able to make a smart buying decision and will find your best deals online. I’d recommend comparing prices by checking out some of the resources mentioned above each article ("refresh" anytime for more).

To summarize:

A new disposal can be a nice little investment so choose wisely. Read through this site to compare apples to apples, particularly the Evolution guide. Gather some awesome, little-known tips and learn how to get the most out of your disposal.

Take care, happy grinding and may God bless!

GT Phillips

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